As we all know that due to the coronavirus or covid-19, it is advised by the health professionals that, there should be minimum physical interaction. Spectrum is sending the equipment that includes a router, modem, and the cables that are required to install the internet. the reason for providing the shelf installation service is that they want to avoid physical interaction and save the life of their users. All the work and school have been shifted to our homes the need for internet has increased more than before. Spectrum is the largest internet service provider in the US, which has more than 50 million users in more than 40 States. As a spectrum user, you always have an option to reach out to Spectrum customer service in case if you face any issues with the installation but you can follow easy e e steps mentioned on the guide, provided by spectrum.

  When you sign up for internet or a cable TV connection with the spectrum, they will send the equipment to your doorstep which will come with, a manual or a guide that will help you to install your internet on your own. It is a very simple process, just to make sure that you have everything in your hand, we are also going to tell you how you can install, spectrum TV and internet.

  Installation for spectrum internet

  The first thing that you need to do, it’s to look for the equipment that is necessary to install the internet services. There should be an internet modem, a Wi-Fi router, coaxial cables, cable splitter, and adapters to plug in the equipment. So you should look out for the coaxial cable so you made plugin your equipment that is the first step.

  Choose a coaxial cable that will suit you best depending upon its length. Choose a cable that will day of our right length from the power outlet to your modem. Make sure that you place your modem in the middle of your home to get better internet signals. Connect the coaxial cable with your modem, attach one and with your modern and the other one with the power outlet and plug in the adopted into your power outlet. Once you turn your modem on, you can see the blue light in front of 8 it should be e blinking but not static wait for some time it can take up to 3 to 4 minutes or if it needs to get refreshed then it might take 10 minutes. Once the light starts blinking, it’s a sign that it is working fine.

  You also need to use a cable splitter and connect the cable with the Wi-Fi router and attach it with your modem. You can notice the blue light in front of the router. First, the light will be static and you will need to wait until, it starts blinking, and once that happens, it means your internet is installed.

  Install the Wi-Fi internet

  Once your equipment is installed, you can set up your internet through your device it can be your mobile or a computer. Click on your Wi-Fi and add the password that is provided on your modem. Choose the 5G network name for better signals. You should also install the Spectrum App and create your username and a password to monitor your internet. You can connect different devices with your Wi-Fi to see if it is working fine.

  Cable TV installation

  First, you need to find the coaxial outlet in your home. If you have a coaxial cable in your kit you need to connect it to the outlet, choose a place that is best for your TV. Once you attached the correct cable Box with your Spectrum cable receiver, then you will need to plug the HDMI cable into the receiver and your TV.

  Make sure that your TV supports the HDMI cable because it is important for you to install your TV services. Once you have attached your HDMI cable now you need to add some batteries to your remote that is provided, and you can use your cable TV.

  Activate spectrum TV

  Before you simply start watching TV channels you will need to login to the Spectrum activation page and answer all the questions that will verify that you are an authorized user of spectrum TV. Once you have added all the information that is required you can see or watch all the channels that you want.

  You will see the welcome screen you just need to follow the steps that will be mentioned on your screen to start your TV experience. You will also get a TV box that you need to plugin with your TV.

  Spectrum TV app

  Spectrum also offers a free TV app, that allows you to stream all your favorite shows on different devices. You can download the app on your Smart TV, laptop, or mobile phone, and watch TV in the comfort of your bed. Through the Spectrum TV app, you are free to use your Cable TV and stream your shows wherever you are. You just need to install the app on the device on which you want to use it.

  Wrapping up

  The self-installation process for installing internet and cable TV is very easy. You need to log in to the spectrum activation page and you can follow the guidelines that are provided there and easily install your services. Once you try to install the services and you still face issues, you can simply contact the Spectrum customer service department and they will guide you.

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