If your coaxial cable is damaged there are a number of steps you can take to fix or repair the damaged cable instead of changing the entire line. This will save you time and money because the repair is less expensive than a new coax line.

After repairing the line there should be no difference in the signal strength of the TV. If you notice a loss of signal strength and follow all the appropriate steps for the repair you will need to change the line because the line is damaged without repair.

Step 1

Paint on liquid electrical film if the insulation cover is damaged but the line is intact. When it is dry it will create a new insulation barrier.

Step 2

Cut the affected area of the wire out if the coaxial cable is cut. You will need some loose thread to pull.

Step 3

Twist the new ends to each end of the thread you just cut. Strip back 1/2 of the outer black insulation and leave the silver braided wire to fold while rotating at the edge.

Run 1/2 of the internal insulation to expose the copper wire in the middle. Rotate the edges clockwise to tighten them.

Step 4

Connect the two ends together with the vacuum connector.

Step 5

If the end of the coaxial cable where it is screwed into your TV is damaged put a new end. Cut the old end and rotate it by simply rotating the new end clockwise.

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