How to fix a broken flap FCC connector flip-lock ZIF

  The connector most likely has markings on opposing sides of the connector for “84” and “DDK” on the cable insertion side.

  The connector in question is this one from Japanese manufacturer DDK:

  The connector is used by my knowledge at least on TW3200 (Epson 8350 in the US) and Panasonic PT-AE1000,PT-AE2000,PT-AE3000,PT-AE4000 projectors.

  Similar models probably include at least TW2800, TW2900, Epson 6100 / TW3800, TW4500, TW5500, EH-TW5900, TW6000, TW6000, Epson 6030 / TW9000, EH-TW8000, EH-TW9000, EH-TW90000W, EH-TW9100

  Other Panasonic 1080p models across their professional and home cinema projectors are also very likely to contain the same kind of connectors.

  Most likely many Epson models which share the same housing designs also share the same 84pin DDK connector. This should be true at least for 1080p projectors, since they will probably have the same amount of connectors on the LCD panel cables across a manufacturer regardless of the model.

  The connector FF22E-084B-R13A-S-3H is apparently slightly different in moulding to at least the ones on Panasonic models. Most likely it is still fully compatible replacement.

  I recently found the full connector part number from A Panasonic projector service manual. The part number is FF22C-084B-R13A-C3

  I am still confident the connector is functionally the same to the S-3H connector. Of course I cannot be completely sure without ever seeing the S-3H in person). I’d like to know if it is possible to transfer the cam part of the S-3H connector to the -C3 connector. Again, the only difference seems to be in the moulding of the plastic parts, while the pinout and overall dimensions remain the same

  Also Panasonic part number K1MY84BA0200 is listed, and according to this discussion, the connector was available for a feasible price ~15$ at least at some point.

  Now when it comes to replacing or fixing the connector, it is no easy task and also not very cheap, since the quotes I got for a single connector started from 30$/pc

  Replacing the cam is possible all the way until the pins are bent too much or completely broken, after which it is impossible to refit the cam to the connector. I have successfully refitted the cam part from a Panasonic AE2000 to AE4000, which had all the parts that support the cam gone. Thus the cam can be carefully installed, even when the connector is partly broken. Of course there is still the problem of sourcing the cams themselves. I am not sure if the cams are moulded exactly the same as the ones on my Panasonics.