How To Cut A Bike Lock A Right Step By Step Guide

  Why would you need to cut your bike lock?

  There are some reasons for which you cut the lock of your bike. This happens mainly in an emergency period. You have to go another location but you can’t open the lock.

  You should know the procedure to cut the lock of your bike to prepare yourself for such cases. The reasons are as follows:

  Lost keys

  The lost key is one of the main reasons for which people cut the broken lock. You can keep your bike lock and may come back. Then you get that you have lost keys.

  Getting or searching the lock is a difficult task. So you think it is better to break off the bolt instead of spending your time.

  Why would you need to cut your bike lock

  Broken bolt

  Sometimes locks may break down or fail to open. This happens mainly for age.

  Rain and heat elements that can lock jammed or refuse to open. For such cases, people break locks.

  Tampered lock

  One may face some unexpected instances when kids enter sticks into the bike’s lock. Thugs may contravene it to steal the bike.

  So he or she can’t enter keys into the lock-hole for the first situation. Similarly one faces difficulties to solve the situation for the second one. Sometimes he can enter the keys but fails to open the lock.

  Gradually bike theft is on the rise. If a thief fails to open the lock, you may end up with a tampered lock. The sad news is that it is impossible to open freely.

  Types of bike locks

  You get different types of locks for your bike. Such names are U-locks, chain locks, cable locks and wheel skewers.

  Here we will discuss all of these locks individually so that you can understand better how they work.

  Types of bike locks

  U- Locks

  The name U-lock comes from the capital of English U. This type of lock gives topmost security of bicycles. The lock is very difficult to break with a mallet, hammer chisel etc.

  Nevertheless, the lock will fit well with your bike to limit the space for entering leverage tools. There are more possibilities of being theft for a big leverage space of the lock.

  Cable locks

  Cable locks are an option if the question is the security of the bike. This lock is perfect in areas where fewer cases of insecurity.

  The reason is that U-locks are simple to break. They may be used as a complement to the U-locks.

  Chain locks

  Chain locks are made from a chain. It offers the security of the bike if the right type of lock is used.

  So it suggests using thicker chains and good locks to get top security. This kind of lock is heavier than other locks.

  Wheel skewers

  Wheel skewers are a smaller lock no doubt. But it ensures more security. Moreover, it is very difficult to break.

  You need some special tools to break them. These are perfect for the areas where there are more possibilities of bike theft.

  Their bare hands!

  You can believe it or not that is many locks which may be broken with bare hands. You do not need to make the Incredible Hulk. We like to talk about cable locks, and they have combination mechanism here.

  Wire/cable cutters

  A pair of handheld cable cutter can cut through most of the cable locks within a short period. Inconspicuous, easy and cheap to bring around in a coat pocket, the tools are mostly used by the bike thieves. The task is worth repeating: they can cut all the cables within a short period.


  You can carry a hacksaw or some other tools in your bags easily. Just same as the cable cutters it can slice by a cable lock very easily. If the time of over, a hacksaw will cut through the quality U-locks that is made from soft and thin metals.


  Poor quality and cheap mechanism may be smashed to bit by the hammers. It is simple for the thief if they hit the system by keeping against the hard concrete ground. So using a good locking system is very important if you keep it far from the ground as you can.

  Crowbars / Scaffold poles

  Scaffold poles, long pieces of metal and Crowbars are used in leverage attack on U-lock. If they are longer, they are better. They are somewhat more spacious. They are very much effective for mid-range U-locks. The same type of good locking or a smaller U-lock may make it more difficult for the thief.

  Bolt cutters

  There are various sizes of bolt cutters. The smaller cutter can hide in a backpack and makes mincemeat out of all cable locks. The medium size of bolt cutters is sometimes brought under a long coat, hanging from a piece of rope round the thief’s neck. It can defeat U-locks and chains.

  Some serious bike thieves use the biggest bolt cutters. They can crop mid-range U-locks as well as chains and sometimes the higher end locks.

  If the lock is properly made with good quality, and well-hardened steel with a diameter of sixteen mm, it is sure that locks are cropped by manual bolt croppers.

  Remember that everyone with 36 to 42 bolt cutters may crop top secured locks which are thick less than 16 mm thick. It gives a thief considerable skill who can maneuver the lock to a good position. You can use the earth for leverage. Best locking system may minimize the risk.

  Hydraulic bottle jacks

  Hydraulic bottle jacks are carried by the serious bike thieves to steal the bike. Enter the space inside a U-lock they may apply more pressure to pop open even the most secure locks.

  Therefore we can say that U-locks are very much safer. There are fewer places found to fit a bottle jack. For this reason, a good locking method must try to fill as it has more space inside the U-lock.

  Portable angle grinders

  Maybe battery powered angle grinders are for the audacious thief. They produce more noise and a lot of sparks. So they draw more attention. However, we see pedestrians ignore thieves stealing bikes. It may be they do not have that audacious.

  Angle grinders cut through any lock to ensure more time. If the locks are thicker, it may need longer time. The longer the time, the higher the risk. So the thief can feel disturbed. For the thickest lock in New York Fuhgedaboudit, they have to carry an additional battery to get through it.

  To the end of the day, there is no great deal to protest against angle grinders, secured for your bike in the public places you may get the shortest possible time.

  How to cut a bike u lock

  U-locks are very difficult to break down. But there are many ways to open it if you have lost your keys. It is good if your lock is added to the bike.

  How to cut a bike u lock

  There are some other possessions what you like to unlock. By using a ballpoint pen, you can easily break U-lock of the bike to jimmy the lock. There are also other ways.

  You can use force to break the lock. When you use the force, the lock automatically breaks the structure of the lock and makes it unusual. It is a good idea to jimmy the lock prior really breaking the U-lock.

  Opening a U-lock With a Ballpoint Pen

  Take a ballpoint pen. It is perhaps the easiest way to break U-lock. Take a standard stick pen which bears ballpoint to the end.

  There remains a small cap to cover the end. You can use a different cap when you don’t use the pen.

  Surely use a very cheap pen that contrasts with fancy kind. You must get a pen which has an end cap. It pops off and screws off or may be removed easily.

  Take out the cap from the edge of the pen. You can use fingernails to pry off the small cap to the end of the pen.

  Taking out the cap will feel you opening a tube that is same as the diameter of a standard U-lock key.

  Enter the tube of the pen inside the gap of U-lock. Then remove the cap, enter the last of the pen with an open tube into the gap of U-lock. It will adjust well to the hole.

  If the tube of the pen doesn’t adjust with the keyhole, it won’t open the lock. Get a pen that fits well inside the keyhole after the cap has been detached.

  Press and twirl the pen into the keyhole. Catch U-lock by your non-dominant hand. Grasp the ballpoint pen by your dominant hand and coil it into the lock at the time of pushing rigidly.

  You can use wrist instead of the whole arm to obtain energy essential to press and twist.

  Twirl as long as you can unlock the U-lock. Constantly twirling the pen, quiver the bar of the U-lock to put in pressure a bit. You can have to it from a few seconds to a few minutes for the first time doing this method. Twist your pen until you hear the unlocking sound of U-lock.

  As you are unsure of the lock is opened, you may drag the bar of the U-lock to be sure or to check.

  When you are using pressure, you may feel the lock open.

  Remove the top of the U-lock. Then remove ballpoint pen from the keyhole. After that, lift up the top bar of the lock from the U-shaped side. You will be able to unlock U-lock successfully.

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