Generally, an F-connector is crimped with a coaxial cable, also known as a coax cable. The F-connector is a special type of fitting that is used to connect the coaxial cable with a television or other electronic device. The F-connector works as a terminator to maintain the integrity of the coax cable.

  You can crimp coax cable by following the 7 simple steps discussed in this article. Let’s go.

  7 Steps to Crimp Coaxial Cable

  You need a wire cutter, coax stripper tool, F-connector, coax crimping tool, and coaxial cable. You can find all these required materials at the nearest hardware store. You can also order these items online.

  Step 1: Cut the End of the Coaxial Cable

  Cut the end of the coaxial cable using the wire cutter. The wire cutter should be sharp enough to make a fine cut and the cut should be square, not beveled.

  Step 2: Mold the End Part

  Now mold the end of the cable using your hand. The rear portion of the end part should also be molded into the shape of the wire i.e cylindrical shape.

  Step 3: Clamp the Stripper Tool Around the Cable

  To clamp the stripper tool around the coax first insert the coax into the right position of the stripper tool. To ensure proper strip length ensure that the end of the coax is flush against the wall or guide on the stripping tool.

  Then spin the tool around the coax until you no longer hear the sound of metal being scored. It may take 4 or 5 spins. While spinning, keep the tool in one place otherwise you may end up damaging the cable.

  After making 2 cuts remove the coax stripper tool and go to the next step.

  Step 4: Expose the Center Conductor

  Now pull of the material nearest the end of the cable. You can do it using your finger. The center conductor is exposed now.

  Step 5: Pull off the Outer Insulation

  Pull off the outer insulation that has been cut free. You can also do it using your finger. A layer of foil will be exposed. Tear this foil off and a layer of metal mesh will be exposed.

  Step 6: Bend the Metal Mesh

  Bend the exposed metal mesh in such a way so that it is molded over the end of the outer insulation. There is a layer of foil under the metal mesh covering the inner insulation. Be careful while bending the metal mesh so that the foil is not torn off.

  Step 7: Crimp the Cable into an F Connector

  Press the end of the cable into an F connector and then crimp the connection. You need a coax crimping tool to complete the task.

  Place the connection into the jaw of the crimping tool and squeeze it applying high pressure. Finally, remove the crimp connection from the crimping tool.

  Final Words

  The basic of this operation is slipping on the F connector and then secure it with a coaxial cable tool, which presses the connector onto the cable and also crimps it simultaneously.

  The total process can take a maximum of 5 minutes if you are a beginner but if you are accustomed to crimping work like you are experienced in crimping cable ferrule, crimping PEX, or other crimping work it won’t take more than one or two minutes.?

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