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  The need to watch the content on your phone on the screen can be made necessary in various situations. For instance, the urge to watch your favorite movies on a bigger screen because watching through the phone might not give the desired experience. Sometimes we use our phones in downloading video, but we do not view them on our phones. All you need are a few types of equipment, including adaptors, a charger, and the AV cable, then follow these simple steps and mirror your phone content on your TV screen. If you want to enjoy the content in your phone through a TV without an HDMI port, you can use an AV cable.?

  What are AV Cables?

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  An AV cable is an audio and video cable that you can use to connect various audio-visual types of equipment. The cable usually consists of three colored wires: red, yellow, and white. Red and white represent the stereo audio cable while yellow stands for video. In mono audio, you can only find one connector to connect audio and video amplifiers.

  How does AV cable work?

  An AV cable carries video and audio signals from one device to the other. When handling an AV cord, you may not encounter much confusion because everything is color-coded. One end of the cable goes into your mobile device while the other side, which has three wires, goes into your TV. The white hack will fit into the white hole to transmit the video signal.?

  Types of AV Cables?


  Composite Video (RCA Jack Pin)

  The composite video refers to video information, which is transferred as a signal by one wire. Composite videos are a format used mostly by analog TVs. These video signals are usually connected in RCA jack, which is often yellow and always accompanied by red and white cables for audio transmission. Most of the old model televisions have RCA jacks, although it’s not very common in the modern days because of its inability to transfer high definition signals. RCA video cables have a red, green, and blue cable with an RCA connector on the other side.?

  Super Video

  This technology is used to transmit videos by dividing them into two signals: luminance (signal for brightness) and chrominance (signal for color). When these images are sent to the television, they produce sharp and clear images. Your phone must support s-signal to be able to transfer the videos to the TV. You should ensure that the mobile device is compatible with the s-video output. These cables can be used to transmit signals up to 200 feet without significant signal loss.?

  Digital Visual Interface

  This technique is used to convert analog signals into digital to accommodate both of their monitors. It encompasses a single plug and a connector, which includes both the analog and the VGA interface. This interface is used to provide digital video connections to provide quality pictures with proper color saturation.?

  Coaxial AV Cable

  These are also known as RF cables, and they are used in connecting the digital box to the TV. Coaxial wires are used to transmit both audio and videos from one device to the other. Sometimes back, televisions were using coaxial cables to connect to the cable box, although it did not provide quality videos. Today, you can connect your coaxial to the modulator, and then connect the cable box to the TV using the HDMI cable. Coaxial cables are designed to transmit a full frequency of the digital signal. Most coaxial cables are pink in color to enable easy identifications.

  High Definition Multimedia Interface (HMDI)

  This is the most recent video and audio transmission cable used to transmit high definition content. Inside the cable, there are 19 wires which carry audio and video content together with low voltage power and copy protection. This interface combines digital video and multi-channel audios in one cable. It is the first interface to produce a high definition video, and different channels surround sounds audio. The HDMI sends digital signals to most top available speed interface from the source to display the content. It is capable of transmitting data across long wires at a very high speed.?

  Initially, phones were manufactured with physical HDMI ports. These phone types include Acer Iconia A1, LG Optimus 3D P920, among others. If you are using these old model phones, you will require a special type cable with a standard type A in one end and a connector on the other end. There are many advantages of using an HDMI over other AV cables:

  High-quality pictures—?HDMI cables support video resolution of up to 4k and ultra HD blue ray player. It can also support up to 8 channels of high-quality 24-bit audio.?

  Industrial copy protection—?This feature is beneficial not only to content or movie owners but also to consumers since it enhances the quality of videos and audio materials.?

  Ability to carry 3D videos—?This is the only cable with the ability to transmit 3D blue rays from one device to another.?

  How to Connect Your Android Phone to TV Using AV Cables?


  Locate a set of red, white, and yellow colored cables: AV inputs are located at the back of your TV, although on rare occasions, they are at the top, side, or bottom. Connect the colored wires on the AV converters. Cables serve different purposes such as red for audio, yellow for videos, and white for audio input.

  Look for an output indicated video/audio. Connect HDMI to your phone. Make sure you connect your HDMI OTG cable to your android phone and the other end to the HDMI port on the converter device.?

  Connect the converter to your TV AV point, and then connect the AV point with the converter. Finally, connect the converter to your TV through your composite cable.?

  Ensure you connect all the points the right way that is red to red, yellow to yellow, and white to white. Connecting your AV the right way will help in organizing your cable pins. Make sure that you have selected the AV input correctly on your TV and check if it is working. If well connected, your videos should be available on your TV.?

  Connect the power cable. You should connect the power cable with the HDMI converter; you can now view all your videos by charging the HDMI.?

  Follow the link below for a more comprehensive step by step process of connecting your android phone to TV using AV cable.?

  Using MHL Adapter to Connect Your Android Phone to TV?

  MHL is an abbreviation for?mobile high definition link. It offers high definition pictures in eight different channels. This method was discovered in 2010, and it has evolved. Currently, devices are providing super MHL features. You can choose to use a micro USB or a type C USB cable to connect your devices.?

  You can also connect your android phone to TV using AV cables through the MHL adapter; this can be done successfully in four simple steps:

  Take two MHL adapters, one for your phone and the other to connect from HDMI to VGA on your TV.?

  The two adaptors will help in connecting your phone to the TV.?

  Connect your AV cables to your TV and your MHL correctly.?

  You can now successfully watch the content on your android phone on TV. You will view the videos on the phone on the screen by pressing the video button on your TV.?

  Remember, all these solutions are essential to solving your connection issues.?You should test your connectivity in these steps:?

  Make sure that the phone you’re using can support MHL features.?

  Ensure that you are using the right MHL cable or HML-HDMI adapter cable to connect your TV and mobile device.?

  Ensure that your mobile phone HDMI input is connected to a labeled TV MHL input.?

  Enable the HML input on your TV.?

  Make sure you disconnect all the devices connected to your TV and reset it.?

  Ensure that your TV has the latest software.?

  If you follow these steps correctly, you should be able to watch the content on your phone on your TV. If this process does not work, try another HML cable.?

  What do you need to connect your android phone and TV using AV CABLES?

  A phone with HDMI output feature

  AV cables that will help you connect the video converter to your TV

  The HDMI output on the phone to help in compositing the video converter

  HDMI OTC cable

  Mobile phone cable to supply power

  You are not limited to watching your phone content on your small phone screen. You can always push whatever content you have in your phone into your screen and watch comfortably from your TV screen. Connecting your phone to the television will require some extra equipment such as cables and adapters to ensure successful transmission of content. The HMDI wires are the most efficient cables for sharing content between your phone and your television. The most compatible devices involve android phones, computer monitors, tablets, and car stereos.?