How to connect WIFI Router to Smart TV

  Transforming from black and white to colored TV sets, from less frequency to high-frequency channels, and from limited options to several ones – We have traveled in the contemporary world. Now, you not only have opportunities to watch dramas on TV channels or listening to news channels, but you can connect your smart TV to WIFI and watch whatever you want. Buying a new TV always comes up with some innovative and distinctive features combined with pre-installed applications like Netflix, BBCi player, or ITV player, but getting them applicable, you need to connect them with the internet. Many of you wouldn’t know how to connect WIFI router to smart tv, but you will learn this today. Most of the smart TVs have enabled WIFI kits, which are in-built WIFI adapters; you need to connect them efficiently. However, sometimes it has signals issues if the router is away or if there are many laptops, computers, or mobile phones connected to the same internet. So, do you want the most stable and most robust connection for your TV? Let’s learn how to connect WIFI router to smart tv with some fundamental ways.



  Grasp the subsequent steps to connect your smart tv to the internet using WIFI router in the best way and a few minutes:


  when you on the TV first time, it will show you the way of connecting to WIFI,

  for that find the ‘TV settings’ by pressing the ‘menu’ button on the remote and

  browse ‘WIFI options.’Search

  for WIFI networks available by scanning and pick your home network from the

  list, with this check the back of the router to get the password. Now,

  add a password and click ‘Connect’ or ‘OK,’ the TV will be connected to the WIFI


  Moreover, if your smart TV is very close

  to the WIFI router, you can connect the internet by using cable, plugging it in

  the ‘LAN port’ which is present on the back of the TV, so the cable is

  connected to the router at one end and smart TV on the other end.


  of using WIFI Connection


  for wall mounting by placing it in any rooms.No

  need for trailing cables and keeps your room clusters free from wires.Flexible

  to use and cost-effective installation.Simple

  and incredibly easy to set up by just pressing a few buttons on the remote. Access

  network resources from your convenient places and enjoys the shows. Reliable

  connection for fast browsing and no buffering.Freedom

  of extending the internet to every nook and corner of the house.


  A modern television – Smart TV having

  inbuilt internet connectivity software helps us to use any of the online

  services either watching movies or favorite TV shows, listening to the songs,

  or playing video games, covering all the broad arena of browsing. Make sure you

  have a wireless adapter which is compatible with your TV settings, internet

  connection, and WIFI router with the information of network names, password,

  and the wireless encryption key and then apply the steps of how to connect

  smart tv to the WIFI router. It’s as simple as explained above, how to connect

  smart tv to WIFI router, by clearly following the given steps and connect smart

  to private network broadcast.

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