The Coaxial cable is a special cable, which contains a shielded material between an inner wire and an conductive sheath.The picture below shows how to connect the cable TV by your connectors


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  Choose the size of the cable. It maybe confused for most cable statement,then take a look at the side size of the coaxial most families,RG-6and RG-9 are the most common cables you see.

  RG equals to “Radio Guide”. The numbers on varies RG coaxial cable refer to the diameter (59 meaning .059, and 6 meaning .06, etc) and the characteristic of the inner parts,including the quantity of the shielded cables and the energy loss of the cable,which means the signal loss per special length.

  You can also see the term RF used with cables, which mean “Radio Frequency”.

  75 ohm (RG-6 or RG-59)?RF cables is the most common used cable in home.

  You should?know the quality is different, so you need to choose the better one

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  Choose the right connectors, most home used are F-type, but sometimes you may used N-type connectors rs.

  Screw-on type connectors are easy-used?but less safer?and.?Some people think this may affect the quality of the signal.

  Crimp-style type connectors have two parts: a ring (or crimp) and a terminator. They are difficult to install, but with?longest?lengths and best connection.

  Male connectors are with?wire sticking out?center, while female connectors have a space for the center wire to stick into. Make sure?the opposite gender to the connector. Most cables end in male connectors.

  2.Strip The Cable

  The first step?is to make the end of your cable when the connectors are used.

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  1.Cut the?flush.

  unnamed file 40

  2.Trim the outer cover?back 1/2″.

  unnamed file 41

  3.Be carefully when pullingback the inner braiding (second channel).Make sure that no?braided wire gets wrapped around or touches the copper center conductor.

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  Trim back the?dielectric plastic from the inner core cable.

  Do not?scratch or nick the center conductor. Any damage to this conductor?may have influence on your signal.

  unnamed file 43


  Push?down the connector over the cable end in order to make?the copper core of the coaxial cable sticks out.

  Making sure that the dielectric is trimmed,then?it can?not enter into the terminator of the connector.

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  A Crimp-typeConnector

  Another method?used to connect coaxial cable connectors.

  unnamed file 45


  Put?the crimp ring right on?the cable end.

  unnamed file 46


  Trim the outer cover back around 1/4″.

  unnamed file 47


  Trim the shielding, wire wrap and dielectric back to the bare inner wire.

  unnamed file 48


  Just make?1/8″ of dielectric?left.

  unnamed file 49


  Put?the terminator right on?the end of the wire in order to make the copper core sticks out through the hole.

  unnamed file 50


  Push down the crimp-style connector into the cable end so that the tube of the connector goes between the foil and the outer housing.

  It?can be very difficult to do. So try to hold?the cable end with a pair of pliers, or clamp it in a vice. Do?not twist when pushing down.

  unnamed file 51


  Crimp the ring

  unnamed file 52


  Trim and be sure no?loose wires.

  unnamed file 57


  Cut the inner core wire flush with the end of the connector.

  unnamed file 53


  Push?on the connector and be sure?it is attached.

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