How to Connect RCA Tablet to TV: Two Common Ways

  Why do you need to know “How to connect RCA tablet to TV“? For a starter, you may have the biggest tablet that you can use to view your favorite channels or watch the videos. But then again, no tablets can beat the size (and the wide enjoyment) of the TV. Naturally, there are moments when you just want to watch your favorite shows or videos on a bigger screen. Well, it’s a good thing that you can do it and tweak with your devices.

  There are several possible ways to get you connected, and most of them are using inexpensive adapters or apps so you can do it by yourself. Make sure that you understand each method completely so you know what to do.

  The Wired Connection

  This is the cheapest, simplest, and also the less complicated method to connect the tablet to your TV. Connect them with HDMI port and you are good to go. The HDMI would transmit the uncompressed audio and video through the cable – and you won’t have to deal with the dramatic setup. There is no need to deal with buffering or the possibility of freezing – the common issues of wireless streaming. This method also results in the most stable and reliable connection.

  However, you will have to connect the?two devices with a cable so it stays connected when you view them. Moreover, it only mirrors the display from the tablet to the TV. It means that you can’t use other apps or use the phone when you are watching the videos.

  Connect RCA Tablet to TV Ways

  Wireless Connection

  What another alternative?that you should know about how to connect RCA tablet to TV? A lot of people prefer the wireless option because of the absence of cable. The wireless connection allows you to move freely with your tablet in your hand – so you won’t be stuck in front of the TV. You can also alternative operating your tablet to the TV back and forth. It isn’t only mirroring the display, allowing better multitasking work.

  One way to manage the wireless connection is through Chromecast, which is quite common for Android devices. This is the friendliest method to connect both of your devices. The dongle is attached to the TV, allowing you to cast the display.

  You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to set up everything. Just plug (the Chromecast) to the TV’s HDMI ports. Plug the USB cable to the power source. Then download Google Home app and follow the directions to connect the Chromecast to the WiFi. Tap the Cast icon and pick the Chromecast from the list. The media would playback within your TV. In this way, you can use the apps and your device.

  Final Words

  There are basically several ways to allow connection between your tablet and the TV. The two explained methods are the common ones, but there are actually still more that you can try. Browse the internet to find other possible ways that you like about managing the connection. Once you know How to connect RCA tablet to TV, it should be easier.