What’s The Purpose Of An Ethernet Patch Cable?


  back to Learning center   What’s The Purpose Of An Ethernet Patch Cable?   The simple answer to this question: it’s a network cable that can be used to make connections between two Ethernet ports or devices.      Naturally, the actual answer is more complicated.   Look at it this way. If you need to tie your shoe, …

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How to create your own Ethernet cross-over cable


  The fastest way to connect PCs together, to a router or central switch, is through Ethernet cabling, a standard that’s been in networking installation for years.   While you can opt to go wireless, those types of connections will typically be slower and are vulnerable to interference. A strong network connection goes for 100 m or …

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Spectrum self installation guide | Allconnect.com

5 Was to Extend Ethernet

  Spectrum is the third-largest internet provider in the country. If you’ve chosen the ISP as your service provider, follow these steps to successfully complete a Spectrum self-install.   Your first step is purchasing your internet plan. Allconnect makes it easy to learn more about Spectrum, find out if it’s available in your area and purchase the …

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Ethernet LAN Cable vs Ethernet Crossover Cable

If you have a computer network in your home, there is a good chance that at least one ethernet LAN cable is involved. It might connect your computer to a router, a modem, a wall socket, or even hook a wireless router up to the outside world. Whatever it does, your ethernet cable is a …

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Crossover Cable Vs. Straight

crossover cable uses

     As of 2016, there were approximately 3.5 billion internet users worldwide, with 45% of the global population accessing the internet. But we don’t all access the internet in the exact same way. Some people rely on wireless connections, while others use Ethernet cables. Making matters even more complex, there are a few different Ethernet …

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