How to Connect Coaxial Cable?

  How to Connect Coaxial Cable?

  1. Determine the size to connect your coaxial cable. Cable terminology can be confusing. Look at the side of your coaxial wire for the size. In most homes, the two most common sizes are RG-6 and RG-59.

  RG stands for “Radio Guide”. The numbers of the different versions of the RG cable refer to the diameter 59 i.e. .059 and 6 meaning .06 etc. and internal characteristics of the cable including the amount of protection and attenuation of the cable which refers to how much loss signals there are along the entire length of the cable.

  You may also see the term RF used for these cables which represent “radio frequency”.

  Most non-industrial coaxial cables are now known as the RG-6 although the previous lower quality RG-59 standard is still used in older applications and homes. Commercial installers may use a thicker RG cable such as the RG-11 used only if the distance from the source tap to your endpoint in a home is greater than 200 feet

  RG cables used in homes for normal purposes should be 75 ohms RG-6 or RG-59.

  Note that all cables and their connectors come in a variety of features. Get the highest quality cable you can.

  2. Select the correct connectors. Most home video connector connectors are manufactured with type F connectors. However, your system may use type N connectors.

  Note that there are several types of F-type RG-6 cables mostly threaded and crimp-style connectors.

  Threaded fasteners are easy to use but are less secure and can leave a small air pocket. Some people believe that it may affect the quality of your signal.

  Crimp-style fasteners include two parts: a ring or crimp and a terminal. They are usually more difficult to install but can reach the largest lengths and best connections when used correctly.

  Know that in order to create a connection you will need a male and female connector of the same type. For male connectors, the central thread is prominent while for the female connectors there is room for the central thread to stick to it. Be sure to use the opposite sex to the author you are creating. Most cables end in male connectors.

  Use the SMA Sub-Miniature Version A connector for a very small coaxial cable.

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