Hello friend,

  I read your massage, I known what’s you have problem.

  About me: –

  Name – jitendra Kumar Sharma

  From – India (Bihar) muzaffarpur

  I am student of BCA 5 SEM.


  Your question is how to connect 2 system using LAN?

  Ands is: –

  1 step: – you have a cable his name is


  And RJ45 connector

  2step: – make a cross cable

  1st point 2nd point of cable wires









  Cable each wires setting.

  3 steps: your computer have install Ethernet hardware

  How to

  Right click “my computer”

  Move mouse “computer properties”

  Click “hardware” tab menu

  Click “Device Manager”

  Device manager window is open

  Check network adapter

  ”PCI Fast Ethernet NIC” is work or not?

  If NIC device is work then do next work

  Else Nick device have cross simple then double click NIC device.

  And “Enable Device”

  Device usage: use this device (enable)

  End work


  4 steps. Create a ip address to both system are not same (My network places)

  Click: – “view network connections” in network tasks

  Right click: – local area connection

  Ex: Realtek RTL8139 family PCI

  Click: properties

  Click ‘this connection uses the following item:’

  Internet protocol (TCP/IP) click “properties”

  Use the following IP address

  Ex: –

  1st PC

  Subnet mask

  2nd Pc

  Subnet mask

  Click “ok” “ok”

  4 steps: dos command check connection

  Ping ip address (other pc)

  Ex: ping

  They have checking connection

  And massage report

  5.click in network task Firwall setting change

  Off (not recommended) both system.

  6-check group are same in my computer properties “computer Name”

  Ex: “workgroup”

  7. Then plug in cable to computer pc1 pc2.

  Then massage is display “network cable is plugging with 100mbps”

  Then click “network placese” and click “view workgroup computer”


  Windows Xp any new

  1.568 cable is make in cross 1—3,2—-6,3—-1,6—–2

  2.same work group name

  3.if you have problem to generate to ip address so this is not important to computer because automatically assign ip address

  4.if Ethernet is not work/ not install

  You have installed it with “main board” cd

  Insert cd in cd Rom click “my computer” “properties” “hardware” “device manager”

  Right click NIC device and choose update device click next to fowling instruction.

  5.firwall setting, anti viruse firewall setting.

  6. Ms dos command ping is must be using.

  Ping command using in dos

  If massage is Request timed out.

  So you have a cable problem.

  Of work group problem.

  So I hope you are understand my simple language.

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