How to Build an Indoor FM Antenna

  ?Improve the reception of your FM receiver with a simple folded-dipole antenna design.


  Things You’ll Need:

  300-ohm twin lead flat cable RG-6 coaxial cable? (I use speaker wire)?with F-type connector, wire cutters soldering iron, solder & a?measuring tape.

  Cut a length of 300-ohm flat twin-lead cable that is 4 feet, 7 inches long. Strip the insulation from each end of the wire so that each lead has 3/4-inch of bare wire. Twist together the two wire leads on each end of the cable. Apply your soldering iron to each of these connections, and apply solder to make a solid joint.



  Cut one of the leads of the cable with your wire cutters halfway along the length of the 300-ohm cable. Strip the insulation back so that you have 1/2-inch of bare wire on either side of the cut.



  Take the end of your RG6 cable that doesn’t have a connector (cut off one of the connectors if both ends do), and strip the insulation back so that you have 1/2-inch of bare wire exposed for both leads.

  Solder the leads of your RG6 cable to the bare wires in the 300-ohm twin lead.

  Plug the RG-6 cable’s connector into the “antenna” jack of your receiver. Tune in a station, and experiment with placement of the 300-ohm twin lead section until you get the best reception. The antenna will work best when the 300-ohm twin lead is stretched out to its maximum distance.



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