If you have faced antenna reception problems in the past, you are not alone. Antennas can be quite frustrating at times, especially when you’ve spent so much money and what you get in return is a bunch of weak signals that don’t even allow you to enjoy your favorite movies and shows.

  For this reason, we are going to give you a first-hand experience guide of the best ways to boost your outdoor TV antenna’s signal without spending a single cent. The tips mentioned in this guide have been obtained after several hours of research and trial-and-error.?

  By the time you read all of the tips and reach the end of this guide, you’ll be equipped with crucial knowledge of boosting the signal of even the best outdoor TV antenna.?

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  Direction of Antenna?

  Most of the TV antennas of today need to be faced towards the signal source in order to receive the strongest possible signal. If your antenna is facing the wrong way, then your signal will not be at its best and you may face reception problems. The question now is, how to figure out the ideal direction of antenna? There are a number of things you can do for this:Check Other Antennas

  This is the most basic method to identify which method your antenna must be dealing with to get the greatest signal. Have a look at other antennas in your area and keep in mind of which method they are dealing with. You can then take a respectable guess at which instructions you need to deal with the antenna on your home.Find Transmitter’s Location

  You can utilize this tool on the antenna’s direct site here. Simply enter your postal code and the map will reveal to you where your regional TV transmitter is.Utilize the Signal Strength Indicator in Your TV

  This strategy isn’t the most convenient, as it requires having somebody to assist you and some TVs can be sluggish and time-taking to update their information. However, it does work and can be a nice option if you want to know whether your hard work is paying off. Essentially, you need to figure out where your signal strength is displayed in your TV settings and then keep changing the antenna’s direction until the signal’s strength is at the highest level.

  Change the Location?

  TV signals can’t travel through opaque objects effectively, so the next thing to inspect is if your antenna has a clear line of vision to the TV transmitter.

  If it is obstructed by anything on your home, then change its location and mount it somewhere with a clear view if possible. The best area for a TV antenna is typically as high as possible on your roofing.

  If you live in an area where your view to the transmitter is obstructed by trees, tall buildings, or hills then you are going to need to have to try a combination of what we’ve mentioned in this guide along with several locations to find out which one works the best.

  Although not necessary, purchasing some coax cable and inserting a temporary line to your TV might work in this case. Move the antenna around to various locations on your property/roof and have somebody keep a watchful eye on TV’s reception. Find the area with the most reliable/strongest signal. You can utilize your TV’s in-built signal strength indicator as a guide for this.

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