How to Attach a BNC Twist

  How to Attach BNC Twist-on Connector to Coax Cable

  This video teaches viewers how to attach a BNC twist-on connector to RG59 and RG6 coax cable. BNC connectors and coaxial cable are commonly used in video applications such as CCTV surveillance.

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  Equipment List

  The following equipment was used in this video.

  RG59 Coax Cable

  RG59 Siamese Cable

  Twist-on-BNC Connectors

  BNC Twist-on Connector

  Coax Cable Stripper Tool

  Coax Cable Stripper Tool

  Instructions for connecting BNC Twist-on Connectors

  Using a coax cable stripper tool, cut the end of your RG59 or RG6 coax cable. If you use the TL-22 from CCTV Camera Pros, you can use the end of the stripper as your guide to make your cut the perfect length. In our testing using the RG59 cable and BNC-twist-on connectors that we supply to professional installers, the exact length of the cut is 9/16 of an inch. Watch the video to see.

  Be careful not to cut the copper braiding off of the cable. You can see in the video that some of the braiding was cut and fell off. It is OK to loose some , but you do not want to lose too much. If you loose more than 25% of the copper braiding when you cut the coax cable, loosen the blade on your stripper slightly and cut again.

  Test that the length is good by inserting the cable into the connector. You should feel the inside mouth of the connector grab the coax core just as the cut part of the cable ends. Watch the video to see this.

  Press the cable so that you feel the inside mouth of the connector grab for core of the cable and twist the connector clockwise.

  Turn until the connector is snug but do not over-tighten. The connector should be firmly attached, but you can over-tighten and cause the core of the coax to be bent.

  Pull on the end of the BNC connector to confirm that it is securely attached to the cable.

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  How to Attach BNC Twist-on Connector to Coax Cable Video

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