How Can I Get NFL Network Without Cable?

  NFL Network

  NFL Network is one of the most popular channels in America which is related to sports. With its use, you can look into all the live games happening in America. But that’s not it, you will get live matches for other sports as well. You can check the channel number for NFL Network on Spectrum Cable here. It is one of the most popular channels on cable TV for sports lovers in the west.

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  Get NFL Network without cable

  But in case you don’t have cable, it might become difficult to consume the content of NFL Network. There are certain applications which can help you out in this regard and they are as follows:-


  One way to do so would be FuboTV. This is one platform which can give you all sports related content. All the programmes of NFL Network are available here along with so much more. You can easily use this application on your laptop as well as mobile phone. You just have to make sure that you pay for the app after a free trial of seven days, which is more than enough to let you know if you would like to continue with the application or not. It requires you to pay $64.99/month and you can consume the top 35 cable channels comfortably.

  Sling TV

  This platform comes with different sorts of plans and each plan is value for its money. The most popular plan of Sling TV is known as Sling Orange. Here, you can have more than 30 channels with you. You get to watch everything related to ESPN along with content from all their channels on cable TV. You can try 1 simultaneous stream too. In the case of Sling Blue, you will get content from Fox, NBC, CNN as well with 3 simultaneous streams. The last one is Sling Orange + Blue where features of above mentioned plans are combined and it brings you 50+ channels!

  YouTube TV

  You can consume NFL Network content on YouTube TV as well. The user-interface of this platform is pretty and is well known to different users across the globe. You will have to pay $64.99/month in order to get to the content of NFL Network. In order to watch full matches, you will have to pay these bucks. But if you want to check out highlights, it will be made available on YouTube easily. If you don’t want to consume the content of NFL Network on a daily basis but want to get updates here and there, you can use this platform and it wouldn’t disappoint you.


  This platform comes with a free trial as well. With the help of Vidgo, the experience of using NFL Network is going to get better and better. It can offer you about 60 channels if you buy the premium version here, which will also include NFL Network. The price begins at $39.99/month which is pretty healthy considering it is going to provide you over 60 channels at this price with HD quality of content. Social watch feature allows you to stream your favourite games along with your buddies.

  FAQsQ1: How difficult is it to stream NFL Network without cable?

  Considering the amount of apps which are getting developed in recent times, all the content coming from NFL Network can be easily carried out without cable.

  Q2: Can NFL Network be streamed on Hulu?

  Yes, you can watch NFL networks with the help of Hulu as well. Hulu might seem a bit overpriced but it has too much content to offer which will keep your excitement intact even on the most boring days.

  Q3: Is there a streaming service of their own in case of NFL Network?

  No, they haven’t developed a streaming service of their own. This is why we are suggesting these platforms to you which can provide you the most quality content.

  NFL Network has its own merits. With games occuring every now and then in the season, you would need a way to watch the games even if you cable is not working. Use any of the applications given above and we can bet that you wouldn’t leave disappointed.