Know The Difference Between Ethernet Cable vs Patch Cable

  Ethernet cable and patch cable are used in our daily lives and are very popular. Often people are confused when it comes to Ethernet cable vs patch cable, however, worry not, because in this post, the focus will be on the differences between Ethernet cable vs patch cable.

  What is Patch Cable?

  Also known as Patch Cord, is a form of cable with connectors on both the ends. It is used to connect an end unit to a power source. There are fibre patch cable and Ethernet patch cable, such as LC fibre patch cable or Cat6 RJ45 patch cable, close to the Ethernet cables. Yet patch cables are often used in offices yet electrical wardrobes for short distances. Ethernet patch cable can be used to connect a computer to a network port, router or Ethernet switch that is useful for building networks of home computers.

  What is an Ethernet Cable?

  ”Ethernet” is a type of protocol that specifies how bits of information communicate over a specified medium. The Ethernet cable includes cable such as fibre optic cable, twisted pair or coaxial cable and category cable. And copper network cable and fibre-optic cable are the two common types of Ethernet cables. In general, people get used to naming Ethernet cables as Cat5, Cat5e and Cat6 as Ethernet cables to simplify the appellation.

  Thus, in short, the ethernet cable is a type of cable whereas the patch cord or cable is a part of this cable as a connector on both ends.

  Here are some of the most common questions that are addressed to clear the air to understand the difference between Patch cord and Ethernet cable,

  Can I Use Any Ethernet Cable?

  No. There are different types of Ethernet cables, such as optical fibre cables, Ethernet crossover cables, and group copper cables, according to the definitions above. Each type has different specifications and applications, accordingly. For example, for long distances or applications needs high bandwidth or electrical separation, optical fibre cable is used. Whereas in buildings Ethernet crossover cables are used.

  Is Patch Network a Cable Straight Through?

  Straight-through wired cables are most often used to connect a client’s host. Take for example cat5e patch cable here. The straight-through wired cat5e patch cable can connect the router switch or hub (the host device in this instance) to computers, printers, and other network client devices. However, there isn’t any straight-through form of cable when it comes to fibre patch cable.

  Can an Ethernet Cable Be Used As a Patch Cable?

  In most instances for copper networks the Ethernet cable and patch cable are the same stuff. But the latter is usually shorter, from your patch panel to your switch board. There is a need to use 100 ft Cat6 cable for home network wiring, for example. The 100 ft Cat6 patch cable can then be used as an Ethernet cable in this case.

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