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  Ethernet cables are vital in getting your devices connected to the internet. Although it may sometimes be a source of many computer and network-related issues, it is still needed.

  You can’t remove the cables entirely, but some cables often need to be replaced to ensure secure connectivity. This includes Ethernet cables that are needed for networking.

  You need to look out for certain warning signs to know if it is time to replace the cables.

  Ethernet Cables Signs

  If you are suffering from very slow speeds over your local network or if you are suffering from connectivity dropouts, you may want to try replacing any Ethernet cables that could be causing this issue, according to HowtoGeek.

  Most of the time, the problem won’t cause your internet connection to drop out entirely. You will be able to limp on at a slower speed, though you may encounter increased latency and sudden highs and lows in transfer speed.

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  Any physical damage to the cable could compromise your networking experience. This will include splits or cracks on your RJ45 connector, fraying of the wire, or damage usually caused by bending or crushing that often leaves a permanent mark on the cable.

  If your cable needs to be adjusted to establish a strong connection, it is time for a new one. If you replaced the cable and nothing changes, the Ethernet port is the one that is damaged.

  How to Know If Your Ethernet Cable is to Blame

  A slow internet connection is a very common issue, and it is not only limited to Ethernet connections. A slow local network connection that has been wired over Ethernet is different and often points to an issue with cables or network hardware.

  You will see slow local speeds when accessing shared folders over the network, copying files from network-attached storage drivers, or when streaming content using media servers.

  If you wish to test your network connection, you can use tools like the NetIO-GUI, LANBench, or LAN Speed Test. These tools require two computers connected to the same network or some network share you can copy from.

  An easier way to test your network cables is to replace them. If you don’t notice any difference even after replacing the cables, it is safe to assume that the cable is not faulty so you can move on to the next step, according to TechWalla.

  According to the Twitter user daoist, the test result on new cables can be good. These cables are affordable, and you can own spares if you have replaced the router.

  Ethernet Cable Remains In Demand

  While wireless networking is convenient to use, Ethernet cables are still the best choice if you want reliability. Wi-Fi connections can suffer from frequent interference, and you may need to choose between 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz of speed, depending on your layout.

  As for static devices, such as computers and game consoles, Ethernet cables are highly recommended. Just make sure that you purchase the right cable to get the best internet speed.

  Even major companies such as Google are pushing for Ethernet cables due to its unbeatable speed.

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