Deadpool 2 character guide: Know your mutants

  Here is a handy guide to all the major characters in Deadpool 2:

  Deadpool: We know the ex-special forces mercenary Wade Wilson willingly gets injected a special serum to cure his terminal cancer. The treatment works and he gets a superhuman healing ability but his face is permanently scarred. Afraid to show his girlfriend his face, he hides from her. Later, he decides to hunt down Ajax, the reason for his mutation and finally kills him in the end.

  Cable: Josh Brolin’s Cable is a being from the future, a powerful mutant with several cybernetic body parts. He is hunting a kid, who might or might not be Firefist, for some unknown reason. It could be a personal grudge or it could be that he is trying to save the world – his world, I mean, the world in future.

  X-Force: A hastily cobbled together team of mutants to counter Cable. You can see Deadpool and TJ Miller’s Weasel doing interviews to hire people. In the comics, X-Force and Deadpool share the same creator: Rob Liefeld. It is an offshoot of comparatively less belligerent X-Men and was first led by Cable of all people.

  Domino: One of the most interesting new additions, Zazie Beetz’s Domino already has a fan base. Beetz’s character has only one superpower: she is lucky. Neena Thurman (the real name of Domino) can subconsciously do things that affect things in her favour. One can be certain that in the film this will translate into some good humour. Talking about her role, Beetz said, ““I feel very honored to be bringing the role to life. And be the first live-action Domino, to be entrusted with that. I’m black, and she doesn’t look black. That did concern me, but I really appreciated it when Rob Liefeld told me that he’d never assigned a race to her. And if you read the comics, she has different aliases that are very international names.”

  Bedlam: Played by Terry Crews, Bedlam’s skills are not as chaotic as his name. He is a trained martial artist. He can also manipulate electrical and mechanical systems including the human brain that allows him to induce sleep or pain in others.

  Shatterstar: Lewis Tan essays this mutant who has superhuman mental and physical abilities including super-strength, super-intelligence and is a master in hand-to-hand combat. He is an alien who comes from the planet Mojoworld and is also a time-traveller, coming from 100 years in future.

  Peter: Portrayed by comedian Rob Delaney, Peter does not seem to have any superpowers. But Deadpool and Weasel still take him in. Just a joke, we suppose.

  Vanessa Carlyle: Morena Baccarin plays the fiancée of Wade Wilson. In the comics, Vanessa is also a mutant with shapeshifting abilities, but it is unlikely we will see her becoming a mutant in this film or in the sequels for that matter. Talking about working in the Deadpool franchise, Baccarin said, “I think people love how irreverent the whole thing is. Not just his character, but the movie – nothing is too precious. Everybody’s a mark. Nobody is safe from the humor of being made fun of. It doesn’t shy away from uncomfortable moments. It just stares you right in the face, but in a really fun, fun way.”

  Weasel: So as it turns out, the accusations of sexual harassment against TJ Miller did not result in him being axed out of the sequel. Miller plays Weasel, the owner of a bar that is frequented by mercenaries. In the comics, he is mistreated by Deadpool but in the first film, the relationship was far more friendly.

  Negasonic Teenage Warhead: Brianna Hildebrand’s character is a pocket dynamite with abilities to shoot powerful bursts of energy. Hildebrand said that Negasonic has grown and matured a lot since the last film.

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  Dopinder: Deadpool’s reliable cab driver Dopinder (Karan Soni) will also appear in the film. Since people loved the amazing chemistry between Dopinder and Deadpool in the first film, we expect to see more of the same in the sequel. Oh, and Dopinder may be inducted into X-Force.

  Colossus: Stefan Kapi?i?’s character is an experienced mutant with a metal body that gives him superhuman strength, stamina and durability. We expect he will continue his efforts to make Deadpool a more responsible mutant.

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