Cable TV Splitters Guide: How Does it work?

  Have you heard of cable splitters before? Well, all those who did not wish to invest in another cable box would be aware of this option.

  At times, the additional cost of making TV available in every room makes one think about the good old coaxial cable days. A whole household could get entertained at the price of a single bill. In case, you are struggling to do so with the new technology, cable TV splitter is the answer to all your worries.

  Why do You Need a Cable Splitter

  It is not easy for everyone to afford as many cable boxes as there are rooms. A cheap option should be available just like old times. From 2000 onwards TV went digital and brought with it more expenses for cable TV fanatics. If you think that you would still be spending money when purchasing a cable splitter, then you need to compare the cost of both. The research will reveal to you that investing in a splitter is much cheaper than purchasing cable boxes for each of your TV.

  Having said so, you should also be aware of the best cable splitters.

  Best Cable TV Splitters

  You won’t get a single type of splitter in the market. Here are all the various available forms:

  Best Cable TV Splitter – Extreme 2-Way HD Digital 1 GHz

  Best Wireless TV Transmitter – Nyrius ARIES Home+

  Best Cable Internet Splitter – Extreme 3-Way Unbalanced HD Digital 1 GHz

  Best Multi–Splitter – PCT MA28PN RF Amplifier Passive Return CATV Amp 8-Ports

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  The Good and Bad About Cable Splitters

  Although they will be easy on your pocket cable TV splitters come with their pros and cons.


  To begin with, they are cheaper when compared to cable TV boxes. Other than that you do not have to worry about the installation either when it comes to slitters. Self-installation is possible. Just follow the manual provided.


  You might have to suffer from signal loss. This can be a major drawback. Apart from that, the option of individual channel viewing is not possible. You will have to watch what everyone else is watching. This wouldn’t be an issue if the whole family is planning to watch movies together but from the comfort of each individual’s room.

  Should I Buy a Cable Splitter?

  This question will bother you a lot. It will keep bothering you until you invest in the right equipment. To make the decision easy for yourself, ask yourself what is more important for you – the cheap cost or the liberty of watching your favorite channel without any interruption? If you want to watch your desired channel whenever you wish to, then cable TV splitter is not the right choice for you. In such circumstances, you will have to invest in a cable box for your room.

  However, if you decide to invest in a splitter, then here’s your guide on how to install it.

  How to Install Coax Cable Splitter

  Coaxial cable splitters aren’t that difficult to install if you are aware of the right technique. Installing it in a cable signal line means you are turning one signal into multiple signals. These signals will reach a couple of TVs in your house apart from your Internet modem. Cable splitters have one function and that is redistribution of information.

  What to Look After

  In case your house already has a coax cable longer than 50 feet that are running through various rooms, you need to reconsider the cable splitter option as you will experience signal loss. To overcome this issue, you will need to purchase an amplified splitter.

  The best practice is to have the splitter with the same number of outputs as is the required number of TVs to be connected. For example, do not opt for a 4-way splitter when the outputs are 3. It will only make the signal loss issue worse.

  How to Install Wireless Cable Splitter

  If you wish to avoid those running cables creating a mess in your house, you should consider wireless cable splitter. A wireless cable splitter only needs a small cable wire. Many people opt for this option as it does not ask of them to install messy and long cable wires. Apart from that, it is a better option for connecting multiple devices. However, it is more expensive when compared to coaxial cable.

  So, if you have Spectrum cable packages or the like and you wish to give its access to every room at a cheap cost then you should opt for a cable splitter.