Checking your RV’s TV wiring

  If you made it through the first 2 steps and haven’t had any success, it’s time to check the wiring.

  One of the easiest checks is to see if your booster was wired backwards at the factory.? To test this just turn the switch to the opposite position and let your TV scan for channels again.? If your cable starts working with the booster on you will have to remove the booster from the wall and switch the wires labeled Antenna and Cable.? Just make sure you check the channels to the campgrounds TV guide before switching the wires.? You might be picking channels from your antenna.

  Check the campgrounds cable signal

  For cable the next thing I would check is that the campgrounds connection is working.? If your cable line is long enough, disconnect it from the side of your RV and bring it through a window directly to the input on the back of a TV.? Then run the channel scan.? If it works you know the campgrounds signal is good.

  If the campground’s signal is good things get trickier.? For RV’s with multiple TVs try a different one and see if it works, if it does the problem is most likely with the connection to that specific TV or connection, if the other TV doesn’t work your problem is most likely closer to the booster.

  TV wiring overview

  The wiring for your TVs comes in from a jack on the exterior, connects to the booster and then splits off to the other TV locations in the RV.? Unlike homes where the splitters are usually located in attics or basements where you can see them, RV manufacturers put the splitters in the walls behind the jacks.

  Here is a picture of a splitter I pulled out of the wall behind my booster.? I found another one behind the TV jack in the bedroom too.

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