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  What is Distribution Box / Utility Cabinet?

  This is usually a metal case to house the FTP and data / telephone points to the rest of the home.

  What is FTP? What should I do if it is damaged?

  FTP refers to Fibre Termination Point. If your FTP is visibly damaged, please contact us at 1688. Singtel will arrange with NLT to repair or replace the FTP. The cost of repair or replacement is $150 for HDB/Condo/Apartment and $270 for landed property. The quoted cost is exclusive of prevailing GST.

  What are the devices I need to remove?

  If you were previously with another Internet Service Provider (e.g. M1 / Starhub), you will need to remove the devices (e.g. ONT, WiFi Router, WiFi Mesh) issued by them.

  What do I do if the POWER light on the ONR is not ON?

  1. Check that the power adaptor is plugged in correctly.2. Ensure that the power socket is switched on.

  What do I do if the PON light on the ONR is blinking red / blinking twice per second / not ON?

  1. Check that the fibre cable is plugged in correctly.2. Switch the fibre cable from Port 1 to Port 2 on the FTP.

  What do I do if the LAN1 light on the ONR is not ON?

  1. Ensure that the power socket is switched on.2. Check that the LAN cable is plugged in correctly.3. Try another LAN port on the ONR.4. Try other data points in your home if the light does not turn green.

  Where should I position my Singtel Mesh Router / WiFi Mesh / Wireless Boosters?

  1. Avoid placing the device on the floor. Try placing them in a higher location.

2. Place your Singtel Mesh Router or the first WiFi Mesh/Wireless Booster in a central location.
3. Reduce WiFi interference by avoiding walls, reflective surfaces and signal-transmitting devices such as microwave ovens and cordless phones.
4. Keep all WiFi Mesh/Wireless Booster within line of sight of each other, if possible. For larger homes, additional WiFi Mesh/Wireless Boosters are recommended.

  What does the light on my WiFi Mesh mean?

  1. POWER light not ON – Check that the power adaptor is plugged in correctly and turned ON.

2. 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz light not ON – Check the LAN cable is connected properly.
5Ghz light is red / blinking red – Move second WiFi Mesh/Wireless Booster closer to the first one.

  I can’t connect to WiFi. What should I do next?

  1. Ensure that you are connecting to the correct WiFi network. You should use the WiFi name and password as indicated on the label of the Singtel Mesh Router/WiFi Mesh/Wireless Booster.

2. Check that all lights on the ONR and Singtel Mesh Router/WiFi Mesh/Wireless Booster are ON.