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Best Way to Watch Food Network Without Cable

  Cutting the cord doesn’t mean you have to give up your favorite channels, such as Food Network, but it does mean choosing the right streaming service.


  Not all streaming services are created equal. While many services offer Food Network, they may not offer all of the other channels you’re used to receiving with cable subscriptions.

  Get access to Food Network live with Hulu with Live TV. Your $54.99 per month subscription gives you access to 65+ channels as well as full seasons of Hulu exclusive series and current movies.

  Hulu with Live TV Features

  Try one week free of charge

  No contract—cancel anytime

  Choose from live TV and on-demand TV

  Have access to the latest news and sports live

  Watch on two screens at one time

  Record up to 50 hours of live TV in cloud storage

  How to Watch Hulu Live

  Hulu Live is currently available on the following platforms:

  iOS and Android phones or tablets


  Fire TV and Fire Stick

  4th generation Apple TV


  Xbox One or Xbox 360

  PlayStation 4

  Nintendo Switch

  Certain Samsung or LG TVs

  If you love sports, Hulu Live has a nice lineup of professional and college games. You’ll have access to national and local streaming to watch your favorite sports. You’ll also have access to live news at both the national and local levels and plenty of programming for kids and families.

  Philo is one of the least expensive streaming services to offer the Food Network. As a trade-off though, you don’t get access to sports channels or local networks, but at just $20 a month, it may be worth the sacrifice for some.

  Philo focuses mainly on entertainment and lifestyle channels, offering a total of 59 channels on its streaming service.

  Philo Features

  Try Philo TV for 7 days for free

  Cancel at any time

  Stream up to 3 devices at once

  Save as many shows as you want for up to 30 days

  Add up to 10 profiles per account

  Philo Requirements

  Philo is currently available on the following platforms:

  Mac and Windows computers

  iOS and Android phones and tablets

  Android TV

  Apple TV

  Amazon Fire TV


  On a budget? If you don’t need Disney Channel shows or sports, Philo offers a nice selection of basic channels that cover the entertainment gamut. Its price can’t be beat

  fuboTV has a sports focus, but its vast range of channels (up to 189 channels, depending on your chosen plan), includes Food Network. Starting at $59.99 per month, subscribers have access to 105 channels, such as Food Network, Lifetime, and Discovery alongside dozens of sports channels.

  fuboTV Features

  Access to 105+ channels

  500 hours of cloud DVR recording

  Stream up to 3 screens at once

  Cancel anytime without penalty

  How to Watch fuboTV

  fuboTV is currently available on the following platforms:


  Samsung Smart TV

  Android and iOS phones and tablets

  Apple TV

  Amazon Fire TV


  If you love sports, fuboTV has a large variety of sports channels, but they don’t have ESPN (if that’s a network you love). In addition to their sports focus, they offer 100s of other channels, including a wide variety of entertainment channels, but it does not offer Disney channel—only Nickelodeon for kids.

  Sling TV offers a Blue and Orange subscription. You can purchase one or both subscriptions. Food Network is available in both subscriptions, but many people opt for both blue and orange for the best cable replacement. Sling Orange is for best for entertainment and families and Sling Blue is best for news and kids’ programming. Each subscription is $20 or $40 for both.

  Sling TV Features

  Stream on up to 3 devices at one time

  Record up to 10 hours

  Stream up to 4 devices at one time if you subscribe to Sling Orange and Sling Blue together

  Cancel at any time

  How to Watch Sling TV

  Sling is currently available on the following platforms:

  Apple TV and Android TV


  Amazon Fire TV

  Select LG and Samsung TVs

  iOS and Android phones and tablets

  Windows 10 and Mac computers

  Xbox One

  If you want a good selection of channels that you would get from most other streaming services, you’ll need both Sling Blue and Sling Orange. While Food Network is available on both, Sling Blue has the news channels and most broadcast stations, but Sling Orange has Disney channel and ESPN for sports buffs.

  AT&T NOW offers Food Network, but only in its top-tier plans, which have prices close to standard cable prices. The cheapest plan that includes Food Network starts at $93 per month and goes up to $135 per month.


  No annual contract, you can cancel at any time

  No waiting for installation or paying for expensive equipment

  Record up to 500 hours on the cloud DVR

  Watch recordings for up to 90 days

  Stream on up to 3 screens at one time


  Stream AT&T NOW on any of the following devices:

  Apple TV

  Amazon Fire TV

  Amazon Fire Stick


  Samsung Smart TV

  iOS 11 or higher

  Android phones 5.0 or higher

  Chrome or Safari browsers

  What You Should Know

  AT&T NOW does have a hefty price tag, but it includes 65+ channels including CNN, ESPN, Disney Junior, Animal Planet, and Cartoon Network, most of which you’ll find on the other streaming networks. The 500-hour cloud DVR is tempting, though, especially if you don’t tend to watch shows live.

  YouTube TV offers one plan that includes more than 70 channels, including Food Network as well as local news and sports. YouTube TV costs just $49.99 per month.


  Unlimited storage

  Have up to six profiles in your account

  Cancel your service any time; there is no contract

  Stream on up to three devices at one time

  Unlimited simultaneous recordings

  Recordings remain for up to 9 months

  Each account gets its own library space

  Nationwide coverage with local network coverage in each area


  You can watch YouTube TV at home or on the go using any of the following devices:


  Vizio, Samsung, and LG Smart TVs

  Apple TV

  Fire TV and Fire Stick

  Xbox One and Xbox One X



  What You Should Know

  YouTube TV offers the nicest selection of channels at the lowest cost. There are no plans to choose from or channels to sacrifice—with one plan, you get everything they have to offer, which includes local sports, news, and some entertainment channels; however, if you are really into channels such as Lifetime or MTV, you won’t find them on YouTube TV.

  Can you watch Food Network shows on the Food Network app?

  The Food Network app does offer its shows live and on-demand on the Food Network app, but access is only available if you have a cable or streaming service subscription (except Sling TV, as those credentials don’t count).

  Can you watch Food Network on Amazon Prime?

  Amazon Prime doesn’t provide free access to Food Network shows, but the seasons are available for purchase on Amazon.

  You’re in luck if you love Food Network and don’t want to pay for cable, but be careful with your streaming choices. Pay close attention to the other channels available, especially if you need specific channels, such as ESPN, Disney Channel, Nickelodeon, or other specialized sports, entertainment, and kids’ channels.

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