Best Coaxial Splitter: [2021 Guide]

  The Best Coax Splitters of 2021

  A splitter splits a cable signal to serve two or more devices. There are hundreds of splitters in the market. We shall look at five of the best coaxial splitters in the market.

  #1. GE 2-Way Cable Splitter

  The GE 2-way is a multipurpose device, which is RG6 compatible and works with Satellite, HD TV, Amplifiers, high-speed internet modems, Amplified antennas, etc. The frequency range of the cable is an output signal of 2.5 GHZ or 5-2500 range of frequency.

  The coax cable of this model splits and balances a single signal to up to two devices. Its gold-coated connectors allow for excellent connectivity, are corrosion resistant, and are compatible with RG6, and RG59 coax cable.

  #2. 9 Port Bi-Directional Cable TV Signal Booster

  This Bi-Directional model has eight amplified ports that have an Active Return. This means that whether in reverse and forward, the entry-points are lossless. The Modem jack is a point of connection for Voice Over the Internet Protocol (VOIP) equipment, meaning a power failure does not affect your services.

  The Bi-Directional is compatible with all digital and standard Cable TV services, which all have a downfacing configuration, allowing for clean and easy wiring.

  The Bidirectional cable has PTC Short-Circuit Protected UL Listed Adapter, special surge protection that is available on RF entry-points. This is circuit protection that is self-resetting and provides protection in case of short-circuiting. The Bi-Directional also provides a 6kV Surge Protection.

  An aluminum powder coated housing provides the best coaxial splitter with protection from corrosion against rust and salt fog. It comes with no connection cables but includes 3 F59 terminators and a 5-year manufacturer warranty on the amplifier only.

  #3. Extreme 8-way Balanced HD Digital 1GHZ High-Performance Horizontal Splitter

  The Extreme 8-way Balanced splitter model comes in a die-cast housing made from zinc, and the soldered back gives an excellent performance in different outputs and types. The Extreme 8-Way is perfectly engineered for any type of weather and environment.

  It provides 1 GHz for business applications, multi-dwelling units (MDU), and Premises. The splitter is built to the best coaxial splitter specifications of SCTE standards and is UL listed. The F-entrances are capacitive coupled for hum modulation prevention.

  #4 Antronix CMC2002H-A 2-Way Horizontal Splitter

  The Antronix 2-way works with Xfinity, Comcast, Optimum, RCN, COX, Spectrum, Wow, and other cable providers. It is not recommended for providers like CenturyLink, Direct TV, and Verizon. It has a 6KV ring Wave Surge protector, allows digitalized broadcast, MoCa and HDTV. The cable splitter allows -45 dBmV Spurious and Harmonics after a five-time surge wave of 6kV Ring Wave, and has a=55 dBmV Return signal.

  The Antronix model allows for a flat 1002 MHz Bandwidth, which has Minimal Insertion Loss, a Return Path Output Return Loss of 35dB, and a Port-to-Port Return Band isolation of 40dB.

  #5. Cable Matters 2-Pack Bi-Directional 2.4 GHz 3 Way Coaxial Cable Splitter

  The Cable Matters 2-pack Bi-directional splitter is a gold plated and balancer that splits an incoming signal from cable TV (CATV), satellite receiver, VCR, antenna, or cable box into several outgoing signals.

  The cost-effective and convenient 2-Pack Bi-Directional provides spare units for use in other devices such as a MoCa adapter. The gold plating protects the connection from corrosion and makes the antenna splitter more durable. The zinc cast housing is shielded by radiofrequency for insertion disruption reduction of between 5-2450 MHz

  The 2-Pack Bi-Directional is also known as a video, coax cable, RG6 cable, RG6, RF, coax, cable TV, F-type, and TV Signal splitter.

  Buying Guide

  Do cable splitters weaken signal?

  Cable splitters are not created the same, and a low-quality coax splitter can seriously affect your video signals, causing:

  Excessive signal loss or attenuationReflections that cause ghosting or shadows on the images

  Low-quality cable splitters consist of one ferrite, which tries to control their impedance. This does not produce a suitable match for the wideband, resulting in unwanted signal loss and reflections. The best quality splitter consists of a printed circuit with different components that ensure excellent performance over a wider frequency.

  Since splitting your TV signal will weaken it, you can find and install a distribution amplifier or an antenna preamplifier.

  Can you split coaxial cable for the Internet and TV?

  If you receive high-speed internet and cable TV from the same company via one line, you can find a splitter to connect the router and your TV to your internet. If you connect a splitter and notice any issues, your cable company might be able to offer a better solution. Instead of using the conventional cable TV, you can use wireless digital options to reduce the cabling and wires.

  Can you split coax?

  You can split coaxial, but when you split a TV signal, you weaken it. If you want to add a TV, you have to split your coax cable connectors. To avoid poor video quality, you need to buy a splitter with the capacity for the needed bandwidth for an HDTV and high-speed internet.

  How do coaxial cable splitters work?

  Cable splitters are technically designed to send one signal to multiple devices. Each cable’s original intent was to provide one device with one signal. Splitters are tiny connectors that take the single signal from the original cable via the input ports and split it among your devices via several multiple outputs.

  Installation of a Splitter

  To install a Splitter:

  Buy the Appropriate Coaxial Cable Splitters

  Buy the correct splitter by determining how many times you want to split the signal. You can buy 2, 3,4, 6, or 8-way splitters.

  Locate Main Cable

  Locate the main cable that will be the main signal provider. Connect the end of the cable to your splitter. There is a male connector, probably silver or black in the splitter’s “IN’ jack and the recipient’s “OUT” point.


  After connecting the original cable to the splitter, you can now measure the length of extra cable you need for each device. Attach the end of the antenna to the splitter’s input, then connect the other output cables to your devices. Tighten the cable on both TV and splitter, but do not use any tools to avoid damage to the connector.

  Turn on Your TV

  Turn on the TV and scan for available channels, while being keen on every channel’s strength reading.

  Types of splitters

  There are various splitter types in the market:


  These divide the signal and include some amplification. Use this splitter for long cables to boost the signal and compensate for the interruption caused by the long cable distance. The splitter used AC power to operate.


  Multi-switch is used for satellite installations and multiple offices, rooms, or apartments needing a signal from a satellite dish. The switch divides the signal in various directions to the receivers.


  These are metal boxes with coaxial input and output. The signal goes to the splitter, then is split into varying directions. It has no signal boosting capabilities and if you connect it to different devices, it leads to network disruption.


  The Diplex combines antenna and satellite signals. It divides the cables into varying directions where the devices are. The cable that comes with the splitter is insertable into the Diplexer, then divided into various directions.


  Using a splitter is a necessity in most homes, apartments, or offices. Know the right splitter suitable for your needs. Do not buy an 8-way when you need a 2-way splitter. There are varying types of splitters, so you need to do some consulting before you buy anything.

  If you already know what to buy, check what Amazon has to offer and make an order. You can ask a qualified technician to come and fix it for you or watch some YouTube videos as it is a very easy activity.

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