ARCHIVED: Over Ethernet, how can I connect two computers without using a hub,

  switch, or existing network?

  With Ethernet, you can use a crossover cable to connect two

  computers without using a hub, switch, or existing network. Crossover

  cables are Ethernet cables that have the send and receive wires (pins)

  switched along the length of the cable. The pins that send information

  from one computer are connected to the pins that receive information for

  the second computer. The Ethernet handles the switching.

  You can purchase a crossover cable from many stores that specialize in

  computer equipment and cabling, but probably not from a department

  store with only a small electronics department. When making your

  purchase, make sure it’s clearly labeled as a crossover cable, because a

  regular Ethernet cable won’t work for connecting purposes.

  Alternatively, you can have a crossover cable made for you (many

  electronics stores will do this), or you can make one yourself. You

  can find instructions and diagrams on the web to assist you. To see an example, visit:

  For a chart of the UITS specifications for cables used at

  Indiana University Bloomington, see:

  If you have a cable made for you, print out this chart to make sure

  the cable has the right specifications.

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