How Many Cables Can You Pull Through A Hole?

     I’d like to run new cables for TV, phone and network and I came up with this little chart that might help you figure out how many telecom cables you can pull through a hole. It includes Cat3 2-pair, Cat3 4-pair, Cat5 4-pair, Cat5e 4-pair, Cat6 4-pair, RG59 and RG6 Quad Shield in various …

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How to Get Free Cable TV With an Antenna

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10 Best Cable Splitters in 2021 Reviews & Buying Guide

  In case that you have a cable connection at your home, then it is highly likely that you would want to use the same with multiple TVs at once. Thankfully, instead of getting multiple cable connections, you can simply split your single cable coaxial cable into multiple. This can be done using something like the …

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Best Coaxial Splitter: [2021 Guide]

  The Best Coax Splitters of 2021   A splitter splits a cable signal to serve two or more devices. There are hundreds of splitters in the market. We shall look at five of the best coaxial splitters in the market.   #1. GE 2-Way Cable Splitter   The GE 2-way is a multipurpose device, which is RG6 compatible …

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